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5/6/2024:  European election recommendation (Germany)

11/5/2024: Election touchstone: German doctors are irresponsible. Will Europe let them get away with it?

2/5/2024: Demonstration on the Day of Remembrance and Resistance – Speech

12/2/2024: A paradigmatic turn – WHO drops coercive psychiatry

17/1/2024: A path to liberation – An agenda for international progress nation by nation

14/9/2023: Towards the realm of freedom On the connection between the coercion to work and the coercion to “mental” health.

15/12/2022: A very active autum here in Germany – We have 5 items to report, please read about them via the links:

23/11/2022 Press release on the handover of the first 1500 signatures: Nonviolent psychiatry!

7/9/2022: On the History and Development of Psychiatric Criticism, Antipsychiatry, and  the Conceptual Use of the Term Antipsychiatry

5/5/2022: Day of Remembrance and Resistance: The professional consensus is broken!

11/4/2022: Non-violent psychiatry could be practiced subversively

15/3/2022: Press release for Nonviolent Psychiatry!

7/3/2022: Breaking News: Forced psychiatry begins to implode

12/1/2022: It’s make or break – A call to sign a petition at change.og

29/9/2021: Sad, but the CRPD is in Germany of no use to us

7/9/2021: Commentary on the successful complaint at the supreme court in Germany

2/8/2021: Gert Postel and Alexandra Beek prove that psychiatrists know nothing at all

17/3/2021: Exclusion instead of Inclusion

30/7/2020: The German Federal Ministry for Justice attempts to turn the CRPD against us

22/1/2020: Good news from the German Federal Constitutional CourtPsychiatrists have one foot in prison!

1/1/2020: Kurt Gödel Prize 2019 – a severe blow to reductionism

6/11/2019: Psychiatric chief physician damands: End Coercion in Mental Health Services

21/5/2019: The Psychiatric Hegemony is broken

14/11/2018: Insane? Your own Choice! Nina Hagen explains the clever psychiatric advance directive

29/3/2018:  Statement by IAAPA in reply to the report on “Mental health and human rights” by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

2/11/2017:  Latest news on the movement against psychiatric oppression:
We mourn Kate Millett – Impostor among impostors – Instruction by the new President of the WPA, Helen Herrman

Report on the protest against the Berlin WPA congress

The attempt of the murderous psychiatry to whitewash has failed …

On the contrary, it has now become apparent how connected world psychiatry is with the murderous psychiatry.

A profession is extremely unsettled:

    • Loss of power: With the PAD PatVerfue one can escape the violent grasp of psychiatry. It is so far only possible in Germany, but nevertheless this PAD decomposes coercive psychiatry fundamentally because its imagined absolute necessity or indispensability is refuted. The psychiatric apparatus thus becomes obsolete.
    • The psychopharmaceutical research funding has been canceled due to a lack of prospects for success; basic research has shown that basic psychiatric assumptions are false or invalid. Thomas Insel, the director of the National Institute for Mental Health (NIHM) in the USA, finally admitted in a NIMH publication on April 29, 2013 that up till now all psychiatric diagnonsense has no validity at all.

see more here…

Pictures of the protest see here
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with a call for protest against the WPA congress in Berlin: ↓

The script of:  A bit of Fry & Laurie – psycho psychiatrists

New Diagnonsens about to become epidemic – Motivational Defiency Disorder: see the video here

2/5/2017:  Day of Remembrance and Resistance 2017 – Psychiatry: Fake science. Real harm.

15/9/2016:  Another Pyrrhic victory of German psychiatry

4/10/2015:  Prize-giving competition for a slogan for the World Congress of Psychiatry in Berlin 2017

27/4/2015: Our call for the T4 demonstration 2015

10/12/2013: Thomas Foth on the continuities of psychiatric violence

25/9/2013:  More contradictory news from Germany

7/7/2013: Good and bad news from Germany

29/4/2013: Remembrance and Resistance Day – Alliance against Torture in Psychiatry – Book review: Caring and Killing

17/1/2013:  Now obvious: Psychiatry is brute force!

13/9/2012: We mourn Thomas Szasz

17/7/2012: Historic breakthrough in German psychiatry

29/4/2011: Good news from the supreme court in Germany

18/6/2009: Finally, coercive psychiatry can be put to a stop!

20/12/2005: 25 years Lunatic-Offensive – the celebratory speech by Gert Postel

English website of the special German PAD (PatVerfü)

The history of the PatVerfü
Speech as introduction to the première of the cinema commercial for the PatVerfue on 31st January 2012 in the cinema Moviemento.

Notes for judges, guardians, psychiatrists
since the 1st of September 2009 a new law is in force for advance medical directives without limitations for illnesses or phases of illnesses! The consequences for these three professions are spelled out in these notes.

8 demands as to how the victims and the perpetrators of the systematic medical mass murder from 1939 to 1949 should be dealt with

Why “mental illness” does not exist. The evidence

About the UN-convention fraud being committed in Germany (2008 – 2010)

IAAPA – International Association Against Psychiatric Assault

May 2nd – Day of Remembrance and Resistance:


IRREN-OFFENSIVE (Lunatic -Offensive)


Interview with Thomas Szasz on: Continuity in Psychiatry 



Statement on the publication of the expert opinion by lawyers Kaleck & Co. on Monday 25/2/2008 concerning the irreconcilableness of the Berlin mental heath law with the UN Disability Convention: www.die-bpe.de/comments

No outpatient commitment (providence state law):

Chair FOR Madness

Psychiatry in Russia in 2003


(Haus des Eigensinns)

The Concept: www.dissidentart.de/eigensinn/english.htm
The Cynical Republic: www.dissidentart.de/open_letter_english.htm

Speech at the first public presentation of the bronze statues by Igael Tumarkin


FREEDOM OF THOUGHT (incl. Russell Tribunal) 2001

Magazine “ZWANG”: