Election touchstone: German doctors are irresponsible. Will Europe let them get away with it?

The joint election touchstone of the both Federal Association of psyget away with ichiatric Survivors in Germany was sent to the 10 parties and is published here: Election touchstone: German doctors are irresponsible. Will Europe let them get away with i?

Dear election campaign team of the party: CDU/CSU, Greens, SPD, Left Party, FDP, Free Voters, DIE PARTEI, Pirates, Animal Protection Party, Alliance Sahra Wagenknecht,

For the European elections on June 9, we have a question as an election touchstone, on the answer to which we will make our election recommendation dependent. We will publish this with our resources. We therefore ask you to answer the following question by June 3rd. To explain why we are saying that the German medical profession is completely irresponsible, you will find the explanation and documentation for the accusation as links below.

The German medical profession is based on the false conviction that it has no responsibility to practice medicine that complies with human rights and the WHO guidelines, that only the legislators have anything to say to it. The German Federal Minister of Health behaves in the same way. What will your future Members of the European Parliamnet do? Will they let the medical profession go unchallenged? Or will you also enforce human rights and the WHO’s awards in psychiatry? If so, in what timeframe will you fulfill these requirements?

The federal and state medical associations were contacted on February 26, 2024 with the following request:

Dear Ladys and Gentlemen,

In case you are not yet aware, the World Health Organization WHO, together with the UN (represented by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights), has made it a requirement to abolish all coercive psychiatric measures so that psychiatry becomes violence-free, see also the enclosure. (Confinement in a closed ward of a psychiatric hospital and coercive psychiatric treatment may still exist if, and only if, this is to be tolerated if this was previously stipulated by the person concerned in a living will signed with free will, i.e. if such treatment fulfills and does not violate the will of the person concerned. Only in this case of prior consent does freedom of therapy apply to restraint, confinement and compulsory treatment).

This paradigm shift was published by the WHO here: https://www.who.int/publications/i/item/9789240080737
We are convinced that the medical associations at federal and state level are of course obliged to organize the healthcare system in such a way that doctors act in accordance with human rights and the requirements of the WHO.
How will the Federal/State Medical Association fulfill this binding requirement and in what timeframe?

Medical associations are responsible for professional self-administration and for safeguarding the professional interests of the medical profession. Above all, they regulate the
– professional and further training regulations
– Acceptance of (specialist) examinations
– Monitoring the professional practice of doctors
– Quality assurance measures, establishment of ethics committees
– professional interests of doctors and
– mediating in disputes between doctors.

Fulfilling these tasks is first and foremost an internal matter for doctors and referring to the legislator would be an oath of allegiance to power politics. Doctors are not in the habit of using coercion and force to carry out their work. So what should be the difficulty in making this non-violence binding for all doctors in accordance with WHO standards?

Accordingly, we ask you to communicate to all doctors working in your chamber area in the short term that there is a definite end to participating in procedures with an examination and/or expert opinion that can or should lead to involuntary commitment, compulsory care or (compulsory) hospitalization with a PsychKG. There must be a threat of withdrawal of the license to practice if someone does not comply with this restriction (or this withdrawal must be enforced in the event of refusal).
In addition, psychiatric training and the corresponding examinations must be converted in the short term to the non-violence that is fundamental to medicine (analogous to the non-involvement of doctors in executions or the renunciation of violence in the former “black” pedagogy).

We ask for a prompt reply and will not publish this letter until further notice.

Yours sincerely

As we had not received any answers by April 4, our reminder sent by post with the announcement that we would go public without answers from May 8 overlapped with an email from the German Medical Association received on the same day but later (see here). Their response was completely unsatisfactory, so we replied on April 8, criticizing the letter and asking the German Medical Association to send an appropriate response by May 8 (see here). We did not receive a more satisfactory answer by May 8th and are now turning to the public and to you as campaigners.

The election touchstone will also be presented to the individual candidates at the beginning of next week.
From now on, everyone can and should be asked about this election touchstone at every possible opportunity by those campaigning for themselves (or their party) in the European elections. At the same time, the complete failure of the medical profession will be made known and it will be pointed out that the UN and the World Health Organization WHO have been calling for non-violent psychiatry since Oct. 2023: https://www.who.int/publications/i/item/9789240080737
The scientific service of the Federal Parliament quotes their joint declaration: Forced hospitalization and forced treatment in particular should be banned.

Best regards
rene talbot
(Secretary of IAAPA and member of the board of die-BPE)