Psychiatry in a state of confusion

The Berlin head psychiatrist at the University hospital “Charité”, Isabella Heuser-Collier, now recommends LSD as a new “therapy” option! And this even is reported in the Apothekenumschau, a freely distibuted in any pharmacy and one of the most read magazines in Germany, see here.
They must be so desperate, because there are no new psychotropic drugs anymore. Isabella Heuser-Collier openly admits this when she surmises, quote:
“This is mainly due to the innovation backlog in the development of new psychotropic drugs.” 🙂
That they have nothing more on the pan, we say for a long time, see here, quote from it: The psychopharmaceutical research funds are canceled due to lack of prospects of success, the basic research has shown that fundamental psychiatric assumptions are wrong or invalid.
That now Mrs. Heuser-Collier of all people recommends so far criminalized and as highly dangerous classified drugs to take, surprises, it was nevertheless so far only by Verleumdungeb and Nachtstellungen against us admits become, see:  Scientists then – Scientists today

To this state of confusion of the psychiatry fits perfectly this documentation of the state TVcannel:
Tablets against depression – do antidepressants help?

It is reported: Every year, doctors prescribe antidepressants in quantities sufficient to supply 80 million people in Germany for more than half a month. The number of prescriptions has increased eightfold since 1990, although there are always doubts about the effectiveness of antidepressants. As early as 2008, a large-scale study showed that for moderate and mild depression, it makes no difference whether you take a placebo or the real thing.
Exactly, better to take only placebos 🙂