Now obvious: Psychiatry is brute force!

Berlin, 17/1/2013
In 2011 the Federal Supreme Court for Constitutional Rights by two decisions established legal certainty. Despite coercive psychiatric treatment having been practiced everywhere in the 63 years since the founding of this Federal Republic, there has never been a law, compatible with the constitution, which could have legalized it. In response to the fact that all these laws were always illegal regarding constitutional and human rights, psychiatry has now made it plainly clear that it is in fact only a rape system which had been hiding to deceive the public in a helper’s cloak and pretending to just having reformed itself once again. It could no longer maintain this false facade of “helping” and “reformist progress” but had to show its true colors: its criminal violent side.

If help was the real goal of psychiatrists, the use of violence would have been perceived in the profession as a society applied burden and they would have joyfully welcomed this decision by the highest court as a liberation from the use of violence. However, they had to reveal their true character, exposing themselves, thereby giving up all the camouflage and deception by publicly requesting the immediate restoration of the practice of violence as an alleged “necessity”: e.g. in statements by the German Shrink Organization (DGPPN) and Social-Shrink Organization (DGSP), the Diakonie (protestant social welfare work), which is always at hand to assist psychiatric violence and the German Association of Judges. We spare you a list of the other bootlickers. The Bundestag (the Federal German Parliament) has now followed the calls and has obediently adopted a fast-track bill to legalize compulsory treatment. By doing so, they have thrown all the warnings of expert legal opinions and letters to all members of parliament* to the wind and systematically violated the provisions of the Federal Constitutional Court.

So this worst violation of constitutional rights after the death penalty takes place using the text of a law full of vague legal terms, making a mock of the Federal Supreme Court for Constitutional Rights and its demands: the judges in 2011 had explicitly determined that if at all, such a law has to explicitly and precisely establish the circumstances of forced treatment. So the criteria for its use have to be specifically laid down and clearly defined. It should thus not be left to expert opinions and judges’ arbitrariness on who has to endure bodily harm with state blessing. At the same time the Bundestag has completely ignored the conditions of the Bundesgerichtshof (the highest Federal Court) in the so-called “Recipe Verdict” (“Rezepturteil”) ** set in 2006 for each case of involuntary treatment. The legislator could therefore hardly have managed more legal uncertainty and of course we call upon all concerned to use this legal uncertainty and to resist with all legal means, no matter what the cost. We will soon publish tips and advice which have been checked by lawyers.

But coercive psychiatry has won only a Pyrrhic victory, as there is the PatVerfue  (our special psychiatric advance directive PAD)!

With the slogan: Insane? Your own choice! this special PAD legally excludes a psychiatric diagnosis from being made. The result is that neither one of the old nor the new special laws depriving us of our rights can be applied, neither to an involuntary commitment nor for forced treatment, or even to a compulsory guardianship. Therefore it can only be strongly recommended to every adult to sign our special PAD called PatVerfuefor free on the internet and to always carry it with you.

The result of the new law is therefore that the following difference stands out even more clearly: Either almost at any time a  free fall into the psychiatric system of terror is possible if you do not have a PatVerfue. On the other hand, if you have a PatVerfue, you are subject to your constitutional rights and civil liberties without psychiatric exception. So the old picture of the relationship of violence remains while the contrast has increased: logically there is less false hope in the psychiatric practice, but there are more and more people who protect their self-determination, freedom and dignity with the PatVerfue. Had critics already fortold with gloom that the video ad for the PatVerfue was outdated because it showed a compulsory treatment which had become illegal, now psychiatry has proved that its true nature is the threat of coercion and violence or direct bodily harm.

The more the PatVerfue is used, the more it will distruct psychiatry’s claim for its power of definition. Those who sign this document in time can no longer get a “mental illness”: It proves that psychiatry’s whole drivel about illness is nothing but slanderous phrases, because it could not have been a disease, nor ever be one, if the use of a law documented on a piece of paper can immunize against it. It is an eye-opener that the belief in “mental illness” was the result of a distorting lens of power, just like the admiration of the emperor’s new clothes in Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale

So the new legislation dissolves the “compliance”. Distrust of each and every psychiatrist is called for. That both Federal Associations of Psychiatric Survivors have now become the associate editors of the PatVerfue, is a sign that the attempts of psychiatry to bring back lost legitimacy with violence only leads to further this loss:
Keep clear of each and every psychiatrist!
Better to never speak a word with a psychiatrist!

This is a statement by the Federal Association of Psychiatric Survivors:, lunatic offensive, National Association Psychiatric Survivors Berlin-Brandenburg:, Werner-Fuss-Zentrum:
* See our letters (in German): and b2
** “Recipe verdict” obiter dictum of the Highest Court dated 1.2.2006 with reference number XII ZB 236/05:
“The matter is a reason for pointing out that the approval of a psychiatric detention under § 1906 Section 1 No. 2 BGB is specified by the treatment as accurately as possible …, including specifying the drug or the drug substance and with most possible accuracy the (maximum) dosage as well as the frequency of administering it. “
Please also note the press release of the German monitoring institution  for the CRPD, which finally directly supports us and made this recommendation in a public statement to the parliament commission:
Waive this draft law!
So again the German Parliament openly made a complete mockery of  the CRPD
Here is a report by the International Herald Tribune of 16/1/2013: “White House backs effort to expand background checks for gun buyers.”
Constitutional rights for all US citizens or only for those not slandered as “mentally ill”?
From an European point of view it would be preferable to have no guns to shoot each other and instead the right on our own bodies and a free drug market for adults.