Report on the protest against the Berlin WPA congress

The attempt of the murderous psychiatry to whitewash has failed …

On the contrary, it has now become apparent how connected world psychiatry is with the murderous psychiatry.

A profession is extremely unsettled:

  • Loss of power: With the PAD PatVerfue one can escape the violent grasp of psychiatry. It is so far only possible in Germany, but nevertheless this PAD decomposes coercive psychiatry fundamentally because its imagined absolute necessity or indispensability is refuted. The psychiatric apparatus thus becomes obsolete.
  • The psychopharmaceutical research funding has been canceled due to a lack of prospects for success; basic research has shown that basic psychiatric assumptions are false or invalid. Thomas Insel, the director of the National Institute for Mental Health (NIHM) in the USA, finally admitted in a NIMH publication on April 29, 2013 that up till now all psychiatric diagnonsense has no validity at all.
  • This became particularly apparent in the so-called “Nun Study”: this is like a nuclear meltdown – the worst case scenario for the psychiatric concept. For if one thing was identified as an unquestionable brain correlation of increasing forgetfulness in old age and as the alleged “Alzheimer’s disease”, then this was the plaque in the brain which is supposed to be visible through brain scans. But the opposite is the case: “A conspicuous result was the deviation of the pathological brain findings (multiple Alzheimer’s plaques) from the repeatedly raised mental/intellectual performance of the same persons during their lifetime. This means that also in the case of persons who were able to solve intellectually challenging tasks right up to their death, in the dissection strongly altered brain findings could be identified”, as briefly summarized in Wikipedia [translated from German]. Thus the psychiatric-neurological “knowledge”, believed to be the most solid, has proved itself to be pure gibberisch about a supposed body-soul correlation.
  • Psychiatric ideology is based on reductionism, which is refuted, as proved by physics.
  • Damage to their image: the UN Human Rights department has accused coercive psychiatry of being torture. Thus, psychiatrists are rightly described as criminals protected by the state. Even the UN Special Rapporteur on the right of everyone to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health, Dainius Pūras, has called in his report for the end of violent psychiatry.
  • The summarized statement by the President of the WPA, Dinesh Bhugra is the result of this: Psychiatry is in deep trouble. It needs 10% of medical students, but is only getting 4% and that has been going on for a long time. He blames “teaching experience and clinical experience” as the reasons medical students choose not to do Psychiatry. He says that in the UK, they have trouble getting natives to become psychiatrists – that’s why they have to import them from other countries.

Psychiatry has a  broken morale. But now it made a typical power-rogue move: it goes to Germany to stand in solidarity with German psychiatry. Especially with the PatVerfü we had successfully attacked this psychiatry which had appealed to the WPA for exculpation. Through international acceptance it hoped to finally get rid of the stench of mass murder.
But instead of exculpation, everything just got worse because:

  • we exposed how much international psychiatry has supported the mass extermination program in Germany.
  • in addition to the psychiatric mass murder of 300,000 victims in Germany, now also 60,000 murdered in Brazilian forced psychiatry came to light.
  • “An international apology from all mental health professions to all indigenous people” staged as alibi “commemoration”, is the height of hollowness. It could not be more hypocritical or embarrassing.
  • The German psychiatrist organization has now antagonized the organized users and survivors of psychiatry. The BPE demonstrated for the first time and was indignant at the provocation of the WPA bringing a whitewash conference to Berlin. This has become known to the entire German medical profession, see the German medical journal here.
  • because Martin Zinkler (a senior physician in a regional psychiatric institution) at the protest publicly announced his support for a nonviolent psychiatry and stated in his speech that there is NO need for forced treatment! According to this evidence, the only thing that remains is that the 99% of the psychiatric violators do this solely with the will to use force, i.e. power is exercised for repression as well as inducing anxiety as a result of the widespread terror.

Conclusion: The subject is decolonizing itself.
Since our protest against the World Congress in 1999, we have made considerable progress. Our constant undermining of the coercive psychiatric walls has shaken psychiatry in its foundations. As documented in this protest against the WPA World Congress, psychiatry is in a similar situation to that back then in 1980, when the Polish workers opposed communism in public protests: Psychiatry lost the subject, to which the alleged “care” was applied, just like the state party lost the Solidarność workers. These self-proclaimed “carers” were just drifting and trying to cover this up by bustling activity and the arrogance of power. They are unwilling to recognize their own disaster and to contemplate the situation. Thus, in order to improve the façade, they inflated the WPA World Congress by merging with the German DGPPN Annual Congress in order to create a comfortable mass feeling with so many participants having gathered. Overshadowed by this, in a pre-emptive defence, the guild tries to serve the military with the hereditary hygiene that has been renamed psychiatric genetics and participates in the preparation for war. The most stress-resistant drone pilots should thus be identified.

But that does not help psychiatry anymore; in the end it will only be quackery and voodoo, the spook of placebo medicine and psychic healing, e.g. of alternative practitioners, perhaps even exorcism – that will enable it to hold on for a while before sinking completely into the history of the last centuries and its mass-destruction medical terror.

A photo documentation see here

This is a report of the Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Psychiatrie-Erfahrener