‘Please condemn Germany as a human rights criminal’

un_flagVom 25. März bis 17. April findet die 13. Sitzung des UN-Komittes zur Behindertenrechtskonvention in Genf statt. Das besondere ist diesmal, dass der sog. “Staatenbericht für Deutschland” besprochen und beschlossen wird. Dazu hatte das UN-Komitte auch aufgefordert, Stellungnahmen, sog. “Submissions”, der Zivilgesellschaft einzureichen. Der Bundesverband Psychiatrie-Erfahrener und die Bundesarbeitsgemeinchschaft Psychiatrie-Erfahrener haben am 10. Januar gemeinsam eine solche Eingabe in Englisch gemacht. Als Fazit fordern sie das Komittee dazu auf:

Please condemn Germany as a human rights criminal
(Bitte verurteilen Sie Deutschland als Menschenrechtsverbrecher)

Diese scharfe Verurteilung wird durch die beigefügten Beweise belegt. Sie beweisen, dass die drei Säulen staatlicher Macht, Legislative, Judikative und Exekutive sich in der BRD offensiv gegen die Menschenrechte stellen, wie sie in der Behindertenrechtskonvention (BRK, in Englisch CRPD) ausbuchstabiert sind.

Wir sind zuversichtlich, dass es in Genf auch fähige Übersetzer gibt, die diese Beweise für das Komitee ins Englische übersetzen können. Sie sind in Deutsch unten verlinkt abrufbar.

Wir dokumentieren hier den Teil B) der Eingabe, in dem es inhaltlich um den Vorwurf geht:

B) We would like to draw the attention of the Committee to Germany’s complete ignorance about the core values of the CRPD in Article 12. We can now provide a documentation which proves that Germany behaves like a human rights criminal.

We noted with great pleasure that the Committee member Theresia Degener stated that she has changed her mind in the process of moderating the first general comment of the CRPD Committee on Article 12. In an elucidating manner she reports how she became convinced that in the CRPD human rights means only supported decision-making without exception, as long as anyone can speak his mind, instead of allowing as ultimo ratio substituted decision-making.

The German guardianship law is based on the sinister distinction that a guardianship can be imposed on a person against his/her will as long as he/she objects with no “free will” (resulting in a kind of substituted decision-making). Of course a “free will” is determined by a psychiatric assessment. This is the arbitrary basis of psychiatric tyranny in Germany.

In April 2014 together both national survivor organizations sent a letter to all members of parliament (see Amendment 1) demanding that in order to comply with the CRPD, in the guardianship law only one word has to be corrected: the wording “free” will should be replaced by “expressed” will (in juridical German also called “natural” will) in the law § 1896 (1a) of the civil code. Up till now this law states that only with a „free“ will one can decline the forced implementation of a guardianship. Of course a guardianship should then also not be allowed to be continued against an „expressed“ will.

The trick with the psychiatric assessment of a non-free will is used against ca. 1,4 million people out of 80 million Germans up till now and an industry of guardianship has developed in the last 25 years. Only such a correction of the law could improve the situation because the other constitutional force, the judiciary, completely ignores the CRPD being a law as long as there is a contradicting basis for the deprivation of the rights of psychiatrically slandered people in the existing law.

Except for one member of parliament of the post-communist party, we received no reply or only a reply declining our proposal, despite that the “Grand Coalition” with 80% in the parliament agreed in their coalition contract on making “improvements” in the guardianship law. From the Federal Minister of Justice we received a similar negative answer as well (see Amendment 2). In an open letter (see Amendment 3) we again explained how the judges use the existing law to systematically break people’s will. Even in January 2013 the federal parliament consented to forced treatment (under certain conditions) for people under custodianship (see a report here: www.zwangspsychiatrie.de/now-obvious-psychiatry-is-brute-force )

In November 2014 again both national survivor organizations sent a letter to all members of parliament (see Amendment 4) pointing to the General Comment #1 of the CRPD Committee explained in a German publication by Klaus Lachwitz and the important involvement of Theresia Degener drafting the Comment #1. To that letter we have now received the reply from the leader of the conservative fraction of the parliament which has the larger share in the Grand Coalition (see Amendment 5). In this reply our demand was once again completely waived. In an e-mail reply by the responsible department for custodian law in the Federal Ministry of Justice (see Amendment 6) it is clearly stated that such a general comment by the UN Committee interpreting the CRPD can be ignored by Germany. We are quite afraid that the planned so-called “improvement” of the guardianship law agreed on in the Grand Coalition agreement will now in fact be some kind of a camouflage for a deterioration of the possibilities of self-determination which we already have by a special use of the psychiatric/patient advanced directive law prohibiting any psychiatric examination and diagnosis.
In our opinion Germany – the ruling forces of the state and it’s law-makers – demonstrate a massive offense against the UN Human Rights department.

C) In conclusion the psychiatric survivors in Germany kindly request the following:

Please condemn Germany as a human rights criminal.

This new derision of the CRPD by Germany adds to the fraud being committed at the ratification of the CRPD (see a chronicle of events here: www.iaapa.de/zwang4/chronicle.htm).
We feel that Germany has a special responsibility because it has a unique history, having systematically murdered the disabled from 1939 to 1949.
We believe that such a clear condemnation would also be helpful as an example for all the other states not complying with the CRPD.

Die vollständige “Submision” wird von dem Genfer Komitee auf deren Website veröffentlicht, siehe hier.
Das Dokument ist als Info from Civil Society Organizations (for the session) von dieser Website über das “+” Zeichen unter der deutschen Flagge hier verlinkt.
Die Anhänge 1- 6 sind jweils als pdf hier verlinkt:
Amendment 1 MdBs Betreuungsreform I
Amendment 2 Justizministerium
Amendment 3 MdBs Betreuungsreform II
Amendment 4 MdBs Betreuungsreform III
Amendment 5 CDU Fraktionsvorsitzender
Amendment 6 E-Mail vom Justitzministerium