Gert Postel and Alexandra Beek prove that psychiatrists know nothing at all

Here is the first proof, seeing this video is a must:
Absolute Mad Lads – The Man Who Trolled Psychiatry, Gert Postel
, see the hilarious video here:

How ridiculous and absurd the claim is that psychiatric knowledge exists at all was impressively demonstrated in the ZDF documentary 37° on 26.7.2017: Gert Postel as a “psychiatrist” is no longer an isolated case, but can now be declared as a rule.
Alexandra Beek was a “false” psychiatrist in Wuppertal (for 2 years) and remained undetected in Berlin even in the “Wilhelm Sander House”, in the highly secured forensic prison in the “Forensic clinic” named after the Nazi crime doctor Karl Bonhoeffer.
Here is the remarkable passage on Youtube (in German):
From this, the most glaring excerpt transcribed and translated:

ZDF (2nd German state channel): “The hospital is silent about how Alexandra B. was hired. At the time, in December 2015, there were several applicants for the advertised specialist position. A committee of senior physicians and the hospital management conducted the interviews. The main issue here is Alexandra’s doctoral thesis.”
Alexandra Beek: “They asked, “What did you do your doctorate on? What was the topic?” Then I said, “Limits and possibilities of modern psycho pharmacotherapy using the example of schizophrenic residuum.””
ZDF: “Alexandra describes experiments that she just made up. The reaction of the expert panel surprises Alexandra herself.”
Alexandra Beek: “Then they wanted to know what the result was, then I said, “In people who have taken these drugs in high doses for so long, nothing would have changed in their condition. Not even without medication.”  They would have been very excited about that – that would have been a scientific breakthrough and interesting, I guess.”
ZDF asks, “Did they want to see the doctoral thesis?”
Alexandra Beek: “No – they didn’t have it either!”
ZDF: “She’s obviously very convincing: the clinic is hiring her.”

If you want to see the whole documentary, you can find it in the ZDF-Mediathek here (in German).